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Tax return for Norway

Everyone who works in Norway or on the Norwegian continental shelf, unless taxed under the PAYE Scheme, is required to submit a tax return to the Norwegian Tax Administration. This process can be complicated for some. Reach out to our legal team for assistance

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Filing your tax return can be complex, especially if you're a foreign resident working in Norway or on the Norwegian continental shelf, employed in multiple countries, or have unconventional working arrangements.

Ensure all deductions and earnings are accurately reported in your annual income tax return to Norway. Omitting information could result in higher taxes, penalties, or fines.

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Our services:

  • Tax return - completion and submission.
  • Support to staff on offshore installations.
  • Support to staff on ships.
  • Seafarers' deduction.
  • Artists and sportsmen taxation.
  • Support to foreign employers.
  • Interpretation of tax treaties.
  • Norwegian National Insurance Scheme.
  • Assistance to Norwegians abroad.
  • Expatriation assistance.
  • One man enterprise.
  • Labour hiring.
  • Settlement regulations.
  • EU / EEA commuting.

Practical information about Norwegian tax return

The Norwegian tax year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Tax returns must be completed by 30 April of the following year. They summarize your income, deductions, wealth, and debts.

Our deadline for submitting personal tax returns 2023 is 20 April, 2024.

Kindly place your order at your earliest convenience. Orders received after April 20th, 2024, may not be processed before May 31th, 2024.  After the deadline, we cannot guarantee a submission date, but we will endeavor to process your order as promptly as possible.

Need help with your personal tax return?

  • Complete and enclose the forms “Information for tax purpose”(non residents) or “Tax questionnaire” (tax residents) and “Power of attorney” using our ordering page.
  • If you have any additional information that may affect your Norwegian assessment, please use the “notes” box to clarify.
  • For non-tax residents, we can offer a fixed fee for this service, which is NOK 6 800, all charges included. If you pay by card when ordering, we grant a discount of NOK 300.
  • For Norwegian tax residents, please contact us for a fee estimate, as the fixed fee does not apply to this group. If you are uncertain about your tax residence status, please reach out to us for assistance. Also, feel free to explore our blog for FAQ regarding Norwegian residency criterias
  • You will receive a copy of the documents along with a preliminary tax calculation.
  • For questions, please contact us by phone +47 55 29 90 00 or email taxreturn@magnuslegal.no
The senior tax advisor is always pleasant, helpful and efficient when dealing with my tax return,

Rodger Munro

I am very satisfied with the progress and outcome. Your service lives up to expectations.

Daniel Kaarboe

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