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Comprehensive rules

The total procurement value of goods and services for the public sector amounts to more than NOK 520 billion per year (according to regjeringen.no / government.no).


The Norwegian procurement legislation is mainly based on EU directives that Norway is bound to implement through the EEA-Agreement. The main purpose of the legislation is to contribute to creating value for society, based on fair competition, good business practices and equal treatment of suppliers. The rules are comprehensive and offer both practical and legal challenges for public purchasers and for suppliers to the public sector.


Our experienced lawyers can assist your business in every step of the procurement process.

How can we help you?

  • Surveillance of the market
  • Help to write tenders
  • Quality check of tenders
  • Dialogue with the public entity
  • Legal counselling on every step of the process
  • Contract follow-up
  • Templates and checklists
  • Guidance and advisory services for bid managers
  • Workshops and trainings for your employees

Quick tips on tendering in Norway

As soon as your business decides to compete in public competitions, the need for understanding the rules that govern public procurement processes occurs.

  • How do you get relevant information on the competitions that are published? 
  • How do you work with the tender in an effective way? 
  • Does your business know the electronic tools for delivering tenders and documentation? 
  • What if your business is rejected from the competition or another supplier wins based on errors?

Quick tips

Work proactively

  • Use the tools available to surveillance the market
  • Seize the opportunities for dialogue with the buyers 

Better your work with the tender

  • Start as soon as the notice is published
  • If you are inexperienced or lack time, ask for help 

Quality check the tender 

  • Have your tenders checked by a professional to avoid errors that can cost you the contract
  • Ask for help early – it is better to ask a professional before the tender is sent in, instead of risking rejection or losing the contract because the tender is poorly put together. 

Magnus Legal and Inventura combine forces

In order to offer our customers the best expertise in the area of public procurement, Magnus Legal has entered into cooperation with Inventura. Inventura offers comprehensive and complete assistance, that will increase your chances of winning the competition.

Inventura – experts on procurement and supply chains

Inventura is a Norwegian consulting company, specializing in procurement and public procurement, and the development of efficient value chains. With almost 100 lawyers, economists, engineers and other skilled professionals, passionate about procurement,


Inventura can guide you safely through the processes connected to procurement and giving tenders in both the private and public sector. Inventura has experience from many industries and assist both buyers and suppliers. They have offices in Oslo and Bergen, and customers nationwide – and abroad.

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