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Foreign workers in Norway

When utilizing foreign workers in Norway, it must be assessed whether a residence permit is required to perform the specific work in Norway.

We assist both Norwegian and international companies and individuals with questions related to visas, residence permits, and any reporting obligations to the police in connection with exceptions to the residence permit requirement.

Secure and efficient processes for the use of foreign labor force

Our immigration team supports both employers and employees with questions and tasks related to work in Norway.


We constantly stay updated on regulations and practices. This ensures cost-effective and secure processes for the benefit of your company and your employees.

As a business law firm with broad expertise in assisting both national and international clients in succeeding with their business in Norway, we also offer services in payroll, tax, and social security for your personnel during their assignments in Norway. Thus, we can cover all your needs when it comes to hiring foreign labor force in Norway.

What can we assist your company and employees with?

  • Evaluation of the need for a residence permit
  • Visa application
  • Residence permit application
  • Renewal of residence permit application
  • Family reunification application
  • Assistance with reporting obligations in connection with exemptions from the requirement for a residence permit
  • General advice on the use of skilled foreign labor
  • Assistance with registration certificates for EU/EEA
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Work in Norway
Magnus Legal assists both foreign employers and expatriates with Norwegian compliance obligations.
Magnus Legal has considerable experience with legal assistance for expats.

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