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Experienced lawyers safeguarding your contracts and business interests

Carefully drafted contracts clarify rights and obligations, preventing potential conflicts and legal disputes.

Procurement processes are increasingly professionalized, prioritizing formalities over personal relationships. Many perceive this trend as complicating contract negotiation and enforcement. Nevertheless, well-crafted contracts are now more crucial than ever. With extensive practical experience across diverse industries, we prioritize safeguarding your interests and financial security.

Looking for expert assistance in contract negotiation and drafting? Our team of contract lawyers offers broad expertise and specializes in various industries, including cross-border negotiations for international and domestic companies.

Our services:

  • Consultancy in the initial phase of the contracting process, including public tenders.
  • Drafting of contracts; customisation or adapting standard agreements.
  • Contract negotiations.
  • Revision of contract and subsequent changes.
  • Consultancy related to follow-up of contracts, including contract management.
  • Ending contracts, including default, termination and early withdrawal from the contractual relationship.
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Liga Silniece | Managing Director | SIA NORCON

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