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Lawyers with specialized expertise in employment law matters within the business sector

Having employees in Norway entails significant responsibility, and navigating and staying updated on the legal framework can be challenging. Our employment law attorneys are always up-to-date and provide guidance on all aspects of the Norwegian labor law.

We help you manage your employees - from hiring to termination

Labor law (also known as Employment law) always impacts individuals and governs the rights and duties between employer and employee. Each case must be handled individually and in accordance with current laws and regulations. For employers, it's crucial to act in compliance with the law to avoid issues later on.

Therefore, it is essential to have robust routines and processes for managing employees. This benefits both you, your company, and your employees. Our lawyers have solid expertise in all areas of employment law and can assist you in establishing and ensuring effective routines and processes, from hiring to termination of employment.

Our services:

  • Hiring process management.
  • Ensuring compliance of employment contracts with mandatory requirements.
  • Explanation and establishment of mandatory working hours and workplace regulations.
  • Applications for extended working hours/shift permits.
  • Facilitation of remuneration and payroll services.
  • Ensuring compliance with holiday rights and pay requirements.
  • Management of sick pay obligations.
  • Explanation and establishment of leave of absence regulations.
  • Guidance on equal treatment and discrimination issues.
  • Establishment and organization of HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) procedures.
  • Privacy and control measures implementation.
  • Handling dismissals and severance agreements.
  • Assistance with acquisitions and layoffs.
  • Drafting collective agreements and pension plans.
  • Conflict resolution management.
  • Assistance with work and residence permit applications.
  • Support for temporary staff hiring.
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Helping you understand the Norwegian labor law

Many Norwegian employers struggle to grasp the comprehensive and obligatory protections afforded to employees under Norwegian labor law.

For foreign employers, understanding this can be even more challenging, particularly when navigating mandatory holiday and holiday pay systems, strict regulations on working hours, and rules concerning termination of employment.

Our primary objective is to anticipate conflicts proactively and deliver effective, equitable solutions for you and your employees.

Helpful staff who reply quickly and clearly to queries.

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