Prices and conditions

The lawyer’s fee is based on standards set by the Norwegian Lawyers Association. This implies that the fee for our work mainly is based on the elapsed time, complexity, experience and skills of the lawyer handling the case, and the extent of the case.

Our recommended hourly rates are at present NOK 1 750 – NOK 2 000 (ex VAT) for junior lawyers, and NOK 2 000 – NOK 3 500 (ex VAT) for senior consultants/lawyers/partners.

Standard conditions (.pdf)

Information requirement for lawyers

The Services Act section 20 obliges us to inform potential clients of the following:

  • We have license to conduct legal practice given by the Supervisory Council for Legal Practice.
  • Our professional title is “advokat” (lawyer) - the title is given in Norway.
  • All lawyers in Advokatfirmaet Magnus Legal AS are members of the Norwegian Bar Association.
  • We have a mandatory collateral arrangement through the insurance company AIG, covering the professional responsibility that occurs in connection with our activities in Norway.

Read more about the provisions on (Norwegian only)


Complaints procedure

The Norwegian Bar Association has a complaints procedure for legal services, which provides an opportunity to have an assessment of the size of the fee and whether there is a breach of the Code of Conduct.

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