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This is our contribution to a more sustainable future

We know we can't save the world alone, but we can do our part. We are in the decade of action, and everyone must contribute.

Inspired and motivated by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, Magnus Legal aims to contribute to a more sustainable future. We are committed to fighting poverty, reducing inequalities, and combating climate change. Through our own initiatives and expertise, we will ensure the sustainable operation of our own business and help our clients achieve their sustainability goals.

Our core values


We are professional and competent, dedicated to assisting our customers in achieving their sustainability goals. We understand that new requirements and reporting obligations can be burdensome in an already hectic business environment. That's why we offer practical, friendly, and personalized assistance.


We care about our society, each other, and our customers. We encourage innovative thinking and prioritize continuous improvement internally, for our customers, and for society. Our business culture fosters strong commitment and a sense of ownership

Team spirit

We work as a team and support each other, fostering a culture of collaboration internally. Beyond that, we cheer for our customers, innovative initiatives, and a sustainable future. We view our workplace as a small part of society and aim to contribute collectively at our level.

Logo Stine Sofie Stifelsen

We support Stine Sofie's Foundation

After a vote among our employees, Magnus Legal chose Stine Sofie's Foundation as our passion project. Magnus Legal provides financial support so that Stine Sofie's Foundation can achieve its goal of ensuring that all children in Norway have a childhood free from violence and abuse.

We support the people of Ukraina

The situation in Ukraine affects us at Magnus Legal deeply, first and foremost as human beings, but also as lawyers and advisors in a firm with an international portfolio and network.

Samfunsansvar Ukraina
Samfunnsansvar Rullerende Rettsal

Rolling courtrooms for children

The law students collaborate with Save the Children on the project "Mobile Courts for Children," which aims to make legal aid and courts accessible to children in the Neno district of Malawi. In 2020, Magnus Legal supported HUMAK, the law students' annual humanitarian campaign.

We relate this to UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.3: Promote the rule of law nationally and internationally, and ensure equal access to justice for all.

Loans to entrepreneurs doing amazing things

In 2016 and 2017, Magnus Legal's Christmas campaign funded microloans through the organization Kiva. By facilitating microloans to entrepreneurs, Kiva has made a significant difference in the lives of millions of families worldwide.

An example - Grocery store in Malawi

Hawa is 48 years old, married with 4 children, and also cares for 2 relatives. Her husband works as a truck driver.

Hawa operates a grocery shop and sells shoes as well. She needs a loan to purchase more groceries and shoes to stock her business. The profits from this business will enable her to pay school fees for her children and provide food for the family. She started the business with the goal of financially supporting her family, and a family member assists with the business activities.

Hawa's future plan is to expand the business and build a house with the profits.

Samfunnsansvar Kiva
Samfunnsansvar Flyktninghjelpen Utdanning

We support The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

In 2015, Magnus Legal decided that the funds from that year's Christmas campaign would be divided into three parts. The majority of the funds went to the Norwegian Refugee Council and their education projects worldwide. We also supported a local project to build a preschool for children in the village of Dwar Tadroyt high up in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Finally, an amount was earmarked for Kiva, a volunteer organization that manages microloans globally.

We support Karlsvogna Children Development Center's education fund

In 2014, Magnus Legal's Christmas campaign supported the education of children at Karlsvogna Children's Center in Kenya! We raised NOK 110,000, and all the money went directly to the children at the center.

In Kenya, primary school is mandatory and free, but secondary school is not. The education fund at Karlsvogna Children's Center ensures that these children have the opportunity to continue their education. For just 89 kroner per month per child, school fees, school materials, and meals are covered. The education fund provides these young people with many more opportunities than their circumstances would otherwise allow.

Karlsvogna Children's Center was built in collaboration with the Norwegian organization Aid in Action. Located two hours outside Nairobi, the center supports 100 homeless or extremely disadvantaged children. The children come to the center daily to receive food, a safe place to play and rest, and care. They also have the opportunity to wash themselves and receive care and homework help from adults working at the center.

Samfunnsansvar Karlsvogna Barnesenter