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Necessary tools

The goal of the corporate team at Magnus Legal is to equip the client with the tools necessary to comply with the day to day requirements set out in the corporate legislation in Norway. To achieve this, we offer guides, courses and manuals tailored for your business needs. If you want to focus fully on your core business operations, we can provide company secretary services to handle all your daily compliance requirements.


For more complex issues, including transactions, liquidations, issuance of new shares etc., we work closely with our clients to provide a seamless service that is customized to specific requirements of the client. The client decides if we should provide full-scale services or if we only assist in parts of the process.


We recommend that you seek our advice prior to starting a project, so that we could point out possible pitfalls and guide you onto the correct course of action. We assist you in getting a flying start.  

Corporate law - our services

  • Advice on which entity is correct for your business needs
  • Establishing Limited Liability Companies (Aksjeselskap/AS), Public Limited Liability Companies (Allmennaksjeselskap/ASA) and other company types
  • Capital increase and issuing new shares
  • Assistance with equity transactions, i.e. distribution of dividends
  • Counsel on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Mergers, demergers and restructuring
  • Company conversion
  • Acquisitions and due diligence (DD)
  • Company secretary services

"I had very good experience with Magnus Legal. There has always been a quick response, polite and professional communication. I'm very pleased with the service provided and I can't see a reason why I wouldn't recommend Magnus Legal to others."

Viktor Almadi


Velovay Ltd

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