Corporate Tax in Norway

The international tax team at Magnus Legal hold extensive knowledge of Norwegian taxation for both companies and individuals. We regularly assist foreign companies in establishing a business structure in Norway. We offer an assessment of the tax liability for both the company and its employees. Furthermore, we assist in the proper filing of tax returns and address the unique complexities that may arise.

Income taxable to Norway

Norwegian companies are subject to corporate income tax, employer’s social security contribution and value added tax. In general, Norwegian companies are taxed based on their worldwide income.

Companies that are resident abroad are only subject to tax on their economic activities in Norway. All business activities in Norway or managed from Norway are generally subject to Norwegian tax, unless otherwise provided for in an applicable tax treaty. Prior to setting up a business in Norway, it is important to get an assessment of whether or not the business activities in Norway will be taxable to Norway. To this extent, if  a foreign company’s business is taxable in Norway, the activities will normally be subject to the same tax principles and tax rates as Norwegian companies.

If the company generates income taxable to Norway, the company is obliged to submit an annual tax return. Failure to submit an annual tax return, or a tax return providing incomplete and incorrect information, may result in additional tax and compulsory fines. 

If the work is performed in Norway, the employer is obliged to deduct and pay tax in advance from the employee’s salary. This will be based on information provided in the employee’s tax card. This is a compulsory obligation regardless of where the salary is paid from.

Tax in Norway - our services:

  • Registration of the company in Norway
  • ID-Check
  • Reporting of contract/RF-1199 part 1
  • Reporting of the employees' activity in Norway to the authorities/RF-1199 part 2
  • Application for an E101/A1. If the employees will continue to pay NI to home country
  • Mandatory registration in The Register of Staffing Enterprises
  • Application for an exemption from joint and several liabilities (if requested by principal)
  • Monthly tax reports/a-melding
  • Bi-monthly tax payments
  • Extract of accounts for the company


More information about Value Added Tax in Norway (VAT) here. ›

Why use a tax consultant in Norway? 

If you have or have had business activity in Norway, your company will incur responsibilities related to the reporting of work, tax and insurance. As an employer your company must withhold, and pay in advance, the employees taxes and contributions to the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme, as well as the employer's contribution.

Furthermore, your company is obligated to report wages and other remuneration paid to the employees for work performed in Norway. These obligations apply irrespective of whether or not the employer or employees are tax-liable in Norway.

When you let Magnus Legal take care of your tax return, you are guaranteed a correct assessment for the Norwegian tax authorities. You do not have to worry about choosing the correct deductions or worry about recent changes in the legal regulations.

Personal tax return

Are you liable for tax to Norway? Let Magnus Legal take care of your personal tax return. Our fee for the online service is NOK 5 125. If you choose to pay by card upon ordering the service, a discount of NOK 375 will be granted.

You have to complete and enclose the forms "Information for tax purpose" and "Power of attorney" using our ordering page. If you have any additional information that may affect your Norwegian tax assessment, please use the "notes" box to clarify.

When your tax return is completed and submitted, we will send you a copy of the documents accompanied by a drafted tax calculation. If you have any questions regarding the tax return and/or the information given, please do not hesitate to contact us. The deadline for submitting tax returns for 2018 is 30 April, 2019. We appreciate receiving all documents well ahead of this deadline.

For help with tax in Norway,  please contact us.

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