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Norwegian labour law – why can it be difficult to relate to it?

Labour law, also referred to as employment law, governs the rights and duties between employers and employees.


As in other countries, the Norwegian labour law aims to secure safe and healthy employments and equalling out the power balance in a relationship between an employer and an employee. The power balance is continuously debated in Norway and is almost subjected daily to attention from the Norwegian media and politicians.


Many Norwegian employers find it difficult to relate to the extensive and mandatory protection employees are given under the Norwegian labour law.


For foreign employers, it could be even harder to relate to this. Especially when trying to understand the mandatory system for holiday and holiday pay, and how to comply with strict regulations relating to working hours and the rules regarding termination of employment.


Our main goal is to be ahead of potential conflicts and to contribute to effective and reasonable solutions for our clients.

We assist with the following areas related to labour law:

  • The hiring process
  • Making sure that the employment contracts meet mandatory requirements
  • Explaining mandatory working hours, the working environment regulations, and construct guidelines for your company to meet these regulations
  • Applications to Norwegian authorities for permission to operate on extended working hours/shifts
  • Facilitation of remuneration, payroll services
  • Making sure that the requirements regarding the employees’ rights to holiday and holiday pay are met.
  • Payment of sick pay
  • Explaining mandatory regulations related to the employees’ right to leave of absence, and construct company guidelines in this regard.
  • Challenges related to equal treatment and discrimination
  • Establishment and organization of HSE procedures
  • Privacy and control measures
  • Dismissals and severance agreements
  • Acquisitions
  • Layoffs
  • Draw up collective agreements and pension plans
  • General conflict handling
  • Assistance with applications for work and residence permits
  • Assistance related to the temporary hiring of staff

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