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While Norway offers a secure and conducive environment for business, initiating operations here requires careful consideration and an understanding of Norwegian compliance. Various options exist for organizing your business activities. Factors such as commercial considerations, tax and VAT obligations, compliance costs, and operational logistics must be carefully weighed.


For long-term projects, establishing a separate Norwegian entity is practical, while short-term activities may warrant alternative approaches. Your choice of entity significantly impacts liability and risks, tax obligations, and rights. Thus, it's essential to assess risks and income potential across different entity types before making a decision.

Our legal team offers extensive expertise in assisting foreign companies seeking to establish a business in Norway. Specializing in business law, our focus encompasses tax, VAT, labor regulations, and comprehensive legal support for expatriates and multinational corporations.


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Our legal team and experts possesses expertise across multiple legal practices and accounting services, enabling us to serve as your comprehensive partner, offering a one-stop-shop service.


Additionally, by choosing to partner with us, you benefit from our personalized approach and a close client relationship. We ensure that our services are tailored to precisely meet and align with your unique business requirements.


  • Advise on type of registration
  • Entity registration
  • Employee registration
  • Payroll services
  • Accounting services
  • Tax return – individual and companies
  • VAT reporting
  • Tax liability evaluation
  • Organisation of activity
  • Contract evaluation
  • NI requirements and demands
  • Business planning
  • Complaints

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Looking to establish a business in Norway? Download our comprehensive guide and get the details on what you need to take into consideration.

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How to execute project work in Norway?

When engaging in project work in Norway, it's essential to grasp various registration and reporting obligations. Key areas demanding attention include tax law, VAT, and compliance matters.

In this webinar we take you through these matters and help you understand what is required of you when doing business in Norway.

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