Establish a business in Norway

Before you establish a business in Norway there are many considerations you will need to take into account.

Your business

If your company plans to conduct activity in Norway for a long period, you should consider setting up a separate Norwegian company. If you will be present in Norway only for a short period, it might not be necessary or advisable to establish a Norwegian company.

The type of corporation you choose is of great importance in relation to liability, risk, tax, rights and duties. You should weigh the risks and income opportunities related to the different types of entities against each other. The lawyers at Magnus Legal have extensive experience in guiding foreigners that consider doing business in Norway. We specialize in corporate law with a focus on tax, VAT, labour law and legal services for expats.

The way we work is characterized by personal attention and close customer relationships. We customize our services to your needs.

How can we help you?

  • Advise on type of registration
  • Entity registration
  • Employee registration
  • Payroll services
  • Accounting services
  • Complaints
  • Tax return – individual and companies
  • VAT reporting
  • Organisation of activity
  • Contract evaluation
  • Tax liability evaluation
  • NI requirements and demands
  • Business planning

Do you need help to establish your business in Norway? Contact Magnus Legal for advice on how to optimize the registration and organization of your company.

Contact our lawyers to establish your business in Norway.

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