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Your trusted partner with comprehensive expertise in business law

Magnus Legal provides a team of business lawyers, legal advisors, and accountants with extensive expertise and experience in taxation, VAT, corporate law, labor law, labor immigration, payroll, and accounting services. We are committed to being a trusted and premier partner for foreign companies seeking to establish business operations in Norway.

Ikon Mørke Blåstart Up

Business in Norway

We help you get started with your business activities in Norway, from start to finish. 

Ikoner Mørkeblå VAT

VAT in Norway

We ensure your compliance with Norwegian law.

Ikoner Mørkeblå Tax

Corporate tax

We assist your company with its tax and reporting obligations.

Ikoner Mørkeblå Corporate Law

Corporate law

We assist companies throughout their entire lifecycle, from incorporation to liquidation.

Ikoner Mørkeblå Labor Law

Labor law

We help you navigate the Norwegian Working Environment Act and ensure compliance for your employees.

Ikoner Mørkeblå Immigration

Work immigration

Assisting both international and Norwegian companies with work stays and immigration to Norway.

Ikon Morke Blaa Payroll

Payroll and Accounting

We assist foreign companies with payroll, accounting, and reporting obligations during their operations in Norway.

Ikon Morke Blaa Tax Return (1)

Individual tax return

Get assistance with navigating complex tax returns in Norway.

When doing business in Norway

While Norway is recognized for its secure and business-friendly environment, establishing a business here requires careful consideration of essential factors. With our extensive experience, we understand the complexities involved, and we know how to navigate Norwegian compliance. Having a knowledgeable partner familiar with Norway's regulations can greatly influence your business's success.

Doing Buisiness In Norway Lawyer Magnus Legal
Expats In Norway

Dedicated legal team commited to your business success

At Magnus Legal, we are committed to being a trusted partner for foreign companies looking to establish their presence in Norway. As the preferred choice for international businesses entering the Norwegian market, we serve a diverse clientele ranging from startups to multinational corporations across various industries.

Our team of lawyers and staff possesses expertise across various facets of business law. Emphasizing close collaboration, our services are meticulously tailored to meet the uniqe needs of our diverse clientele, including both businesses and individuals. 

Why choose Magnus Legal as your business law firm?

With extensive legal experience and deep knowledge of the requirements for foreign companies establishing their presence in Norway, our broad expertise in business law ensures we can offer a comprehensive range of legal services tailored to your needs when doing business in Norway.

When selecting Magnus Legal as your legal advisor, rest assured that we are your one-stop solution for initiating your business in Norway. Our goal is to deliver up-to-date, practical, and easily comprehensible advice tailored to your daily operations.

Magnus Legal Expertise
Magnus Legal successfully represented one of our clients in a dispute with the tax office. They proved to be very knowledgeable in tax law and offered excellent advice on strategy. Absolute pleasure to work with. They take the time to understand your case and are very responsive and personal.

A. (Ari) Van Leeuwen | INCVRIA - incuria.nl

They helped navigate a difficult scenario with pragmatic and cost efficient recommentations. Great attitude and excellent communications. Built trust from the initial consultation and continued to project close.

Ben Brayford | Geo Oceans Pty. Ltd.

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