Tax Rates Norway 2020

Tax rates Norway 2020

The tax percent in Norway depend on the income and it is determined with basic income tax and bracket tax.

All employees working in Norway will, as a general rule, be taxable to Norway. Exemptions may occur in the tax law or in a tax treaty.

The income tax for 2020 is 22 % of net income after deductions

If your gross income exceeds NOK 180 800 a year or gross NOK 15 067 a month, a progressive bracket tax is levied on top of the 22 % income tax. The tax rates for the bracket tax 2020 are: 


Annual income between

Tax rate


NOK 0 – 180 800



NOK 180 800 – 254 500

1,9 %


NOK 254 500 – 639 750

4,2 %


NOK 639 750 – 999 550

13,2 %


NOK 999 550 and above

16,2 %


If you are not resident in Norway for tax purposes, the bracket limits are reduced according to number of months, i.e. if you are present in 5 months the bracket starts at NOK 75 333 (5/12)

Please notice that special tax rules apply for persons living in the counties Finnmark and Nord-Troms.

In addition to the income tax, employees working in Norway are obligated to pay national insurance contribution to Norway. For the income year 2020 the rate is 8,2%. Exemptions can be found in the Act.


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