Tax rates Norway - 2018

All employees working in Norway will as a general rule be taxable to Norway. Exemptions can be found in the Act.

The tax percent in Norway depend on the income.

Income tax for 2018 is 23 % on ordinary/net income.

If your gross income exceeds NOK 169 000 a year or gross NOK 14 083 a month, a progressive bracket tax is levied. The tax rate depends on which bracket your income is considered to be within.

If you are not regarded as resident in Norway for tax purposes, the bracket limits are reduced according to the duration of the stay/work period.

Please notice that the bracket tax is different for Finnmark and Nord-Troms.

In addition to the income tax, employees working in Norway is obligated to pay national insurance contribution to Norway. For the income year 2018 the rate is 8,2%. Exemptions can be found in the Act.

Contact: Lawyer Christina Fahle