Withholding Tax PAYE Deadline

April 30 is the final deadline to opt out of the withholding tax scheme (2019) – PAYE scheme

Is PAYE tax the most favourable option for you?

The withholding tax scheme, also known at the PAYE scheme, primarily applies to foreign employees working onshore in Norway for shorter periods, and who are not resident in Norway for tax purposes. The scheme also applies to most foreign workers in the year in which they become tax residents in Norway.

If you have a tax card with PAYE withholding tax, you will not receive a tax return or a tax settlement for your salary. Instead, you will receive a tax receipt in June showing how much tax you have paid in Norway in 2019.

Is PAYE tax the most favourable option for you?

The final deadline for opting out of the PAYE tax scheme is April 30, 2020. If in doubt, an option is to apply for an extended due date buying you some extra time to decide. We are happy to assist if you need assistance to choose what is the best solution for you.


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